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Kristen Garner, MPT, Director of Clinical Services, Physical Therapist at High Hopes For Kids

The kids are really enjoying the Piki Piki Bike. I have been using it with a lot of my kids in PT to encourage lower extremity strengthening and independent mobility. I know the kids in the preschool are enjoying it too. They regularly have races all around the playground. One nice thing about the bike is that it can be enjoyed by a wide variety of age/size groups and ability levels.

Bobbi Ramirez, @ramirezmama (Instagram)

The Piki Piki bike is great for gaining motor skills, strength, coordination, balance and steering. It is also much lighter and safer for my daughter to use in case she does fall/have an accident. My daughter is always very excited and proud she can ride it herself. An electric vehicle may have its thrills, but I don't believe my child would be gaining as much confidence and learning as much as she is with her Piki Piki bike. The Piki Piki bike is also great because it’s lightweight and easy to pick up and store. It is also much more economical, and offers parents a more affordable option for their children. I don't have to worry if the battery is charged before use either!

Stephanie Wilkerson, mother of two boys, ages 2 and under 12 months

I liked that our son started gliding on it when going down hills. I didn't think that a bridge between an early ride-on and balance bike was needed, but now that I see it, I understand that more. He has been using a balance bike for about 6 months and still has not learned gliding. With this, he has in a few days. I also really liked that he could entertain himself on it for a long time.

Shantell Olveri, Mother of 4 year old boy

He likes that it is a motorcycle, he rides it inside around the house after school. He does of lot of imagination playing i.e. police motorcycle. It is easy for him to operate.

Kathleen Hoopengardner, Mother of 3 year old boy

He can get around easily on it. He rode it through our whole house for bedtime routine one night. (kitchen for vitamins, allergy meds - to the bathroom to brush his teeth & potty - to his room for pajamas, storytime - and back into his playroom to "park it" for the night. My house is currently a "drive-thru" for his Piki Piki bike.

Dara Chambers, Mother of two boys, 4 & 2 years old

My son is afraid of the balance bike since he fell the first time riding it and didn't want to use it at all. He LOVES the Piki Piki bike! He calls it his 'police motorcycle" (we got the blue one). He asks to ride it every day and loves going as fast as he can down the driveway. It has given him so much confidence! Yesterday he asked to try the balance bike, so I think it's going to be the perfect bridge to riding bigger bikes.

Nancy Archambeau - VFW National Home For Children

As you can see from the enclosed photo, the children are already enjoying your generous donation!

VFW National Home Piki Piki Bike


Anonymous, Brentwood, TN

Most children's toys are pretty overrated - they enjoy them for 10 minutes, and then move onto something else. I can honestly say that the kids in my neighborhood go crazy for the Piki Piki. They just don't get bored of riding around and it's a GREAT way for them get some energy out.

Emily Rosell

This bike is worth the money. My 2 year old son won't leave it alone and our other two kids love it too. It's sturdy, perfect size for all my kids from 2-5 years. We all love the piki piki bike.

Francene Bielik

This bike is durable, adorable and easy to ride. I purchased this for my 18 month old grandson and he absolutely loves it. He jumped right on it and was riding it the minute he opened the box. It's well balanced so the little ones won't tip over and no little toes get run over by the wheels like I have found with other ride on toys. Great buy and a great bike that will be used and last a very long time.

Lynsy Parker

My son test rode one of these in a local toy store and loved it. So for his birthday, I got him one. He is obsessed with it! And so are all the neighbor kiddos! Big benefit too, it comes out of the package completely assembled! Which for a toddler that is excited about the gift is HUGE!!!! Definitely worth every penny and was also delivered within days of purchasing.

Claire E. Watkins

This is officially our new favorite bike. Both my 4 year old and my 18 month old can't get enough of it. Funny story, I had opened it and was showing the cute drawings on the box to my older son. I turned around to find that my little guy had hopped on the bike and started riding it all on his own. Silly me, I thought I was going to have to "teach" him to ride it. Apparently not! I definitely recommend the Piki Piki Bike for families with small children. Don't waste money on the baby ride on toys. This bike is surprisingly great for small ones and will be fun for much longer.