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One of the most memorable milestones in a child’s life is when he/she pedals a bicycle for the first time. Most kids remember that thrilling moment forever and on that day a special bond is formed between child and bike that will never be broken. One of the most important decisions that parents must make is when (and how) to teach their child how to ride a bike.


The new Piki Piki Bike by Gallo Spence Toys allows children 18 months and older to learn some of the most important fundamental skills, making the transition to a two-wheeled bicycle that much smoother.


Lightweight and durable with no sharp edges, the Piki Piki Bike is the ideal first bike for toddlers (up to 70 lbs). It promotes confidence and improves motor coordination, providing an important stepping stone towards “big kid” bikes. The Piki Piki Bike steers like a real bicycle and offers more independence than a balance bike. What’s more, it looks like a motorcycle, so kids can emulate their heroes and are happy to join the “Piki Patrol.”


The Piki Piki Bike comes in three fun colors: red, blue and pink. There is no assembly required and it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Just open the box and your little one will be ready to ride. It weighs only 5.5 lbs and easily fits in a vehicle’s trunk. It is constructed of nontoxic materials and is made in the USA … proudly made in Austin, Texas.


The Piki Piki Bike was created by husband and wife team Brett and Tamsin Spence who live with their three children in Austin. They were inspired by similar bikes popular with children in their native South Africa, but unavailable in the States. With a mission to promote a healthy lifestyle and independence for their children, the Piki Piki Bike was born.


The Piki Piki Bike retails for $69.95, including free shipping. For more information, visit:

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