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Gallo & Spence Toys Piki Piki Bike

The annual 2nd Street Soundcheck Concert was held on February 28th and despite the freezing cold temperatures here in Austin (which is very unusual) I had a great time. The Piki Piki Bike was asked to be part of Toy Joy’s Kids Fun Zone. We had three bikes available for the kids who braved the cold weather to ride around on. The kids loved it and it certainly warmed my heart to see the Piki Piki's being enjoyed by so many. It was a very successful day for Gallo & Spence Toys and our bikes are now being sold in...

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Gallo & Spence Toys

In 2009, with a mix of sadness and excitement, the Spence family made the decision to leave our home of South Africa to begin a new adventure in the United States.  While we'll always love our home country, we wanted a safer place to raise our kids, so we now call Austin, TX home. We had no idea what we'd do when we  arrived, but we were enthusiastic, somewhat naive and absolutely believed in the American dream. As part of our move, we packed a container filled with virtually everything we owned, including my daughter's toys.  One of her toys was a simple ride on...

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